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  • My First App:Digital Print Safe

    My First App:Digital Print Safe

    As a self-taught developer like many, I have plenty of unfinished projects in folders. It has took me quite some time gaining experience as well as the confidence to upload my first app, Digital Print Safe. I have looked at hours of tutorials on Youtube university, Udemy, as well as completed tutorials on codecademy, but […]

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  • The Utility Of Decentralized Personal Data Storage

    The Utility Of Decentralized Personal Data Storage

    Data is an integral part of society and is stored on various platforms. The storage of data is a crucial concept in the field of information technology. Even though there are several methods to store data, the concept of data ownership is contested. Personal data can be easily accessed and manipulated without the person who […]

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  • What is IMOCEO?

    What is IMOCEO?

    IMOCEO I’m My Own C.E.O is about you making the executive decisions in your life. Being able to operate like a business even if you don’t have one. So take that first step and keep going. With enough determination and a few strong convictions, you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be and […]

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