My First App:Digital Print Safe

As a self-taught developer like many, I have plenty of unfinished projects in folders. It has took me quite some time gaining experience as well as the confidence to upload my first app, Digital Print Safe. I have looked at hours of tutorials on Youtube university, Udemy, as well as completed tutorials on codecademy, but every time I would start a new project idea eventually I would get stumped and unfortunately lose patients and move on. I would find the next ‘great’ tutorial that for sure had every answer I needed and once finished I would instantly be great. That’s not reality though it never works out like that. What I found that eventually worked was actually going through the growing pains of debugging what went wrong, because on the other side of that is a blissful feeling that can’t be describe that lets you know you are on to something.

How did I find a way through? It’s simple, looking at it now it goes under the radar but you have to actually plan it out. DO NOT CODE FIRST! Develop your mindset first there are two parts in my opinion: Developer and Coder.

The developer properly plans out a simple mock design whether by hand or using a program. This is where you are as imaginative and creative as possible while being concise. The idea is to start simple, figure out what the main things are and focus on that first. Once you have that figured out it will keep you focus on the main thing and not getting carried away with adding to the idea. Start small the other things can come later in other versions, but first stay the course with what you know is important now. If not you will never put anything out. Just because you uploaded version 1 does not mean it is a finished project. A project is only finished once there are no more updates.

With that proper planning what happens is once you start to code, you will have an understanding of the direction, and now regardless of the programming language the coding comes down to looking at documentation. Coding is more technical, sure how you get to the answer can be different than the next coder, but the syntax always adhere to the programming languages doc.

With all that said I’m proud to say I accomplished this, its not perfect but I can honestly say I did it. I’m not done with this project and there are plenty more in the future. Download is down below please check it out and give feedback thanks!


Digital Print Safe screen

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